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There is certainly no mystery as to why your name is Kane. Your fruit is a witness to your family tree.

Thank you. 

I am a Follower of Jesus Christ but not in the sense you are probably accustomed.  I am called to witness.  Witnessing means to sound the alarm, to warn of the judgement that will come to all men. You have officially been witnessed to...   

Dear Greg:

I was very happy to read through your pagan/ Christianity site.  It's an area  of recent interest with me and I really appreciate your non-judgmental tone.

For me at least, you were successful in hiding your own religious beliefs.

lier this is all a huge lie,and even though you all have turned your
backs on Jesus he still loves you imagine that(Whata mighty God we serve
I trully feel sorry for you. Apparently you failed to read the Bible in its intirety. If you had trully done your research as ou say you did then you would have discovered that Christianity was not derived from pagan religions but that pagan religions were taken from Judaism, The Complete Authority on The One True God! People like you do everything you can to destroy God but when all is said and done, God Himself will be left standing.....Oh by the way, you were unsuccessful at hiding your belief. You obviosly do not believe in God or Jesus. I wonder though, if your parachute had not opened and you plummetted to the earth, would you have just crossed your arms and said Oh well that's life, or would ou have cried out for the "mythilogical Jesus" to save your sorry hide? I think you need to go back to your ancient studies and relearn history! I hope and pray that you learn of God's wonderful mercy and grace before you have to learn of His judgements that He has reserved for those who have rejected Him.
Sincerely, [ ! ! ]

Dear Greg,
Wow, you really rocked my world there buddy. Now that I've been "enlightened" I almost feel like I've been "born again". HAHA In a different sence, of course!
You've pointed out some crazt "NEW" insights that are really going to shock the world buddy.

But, I've noticed that these plagerising christians are only accepting a free gift of eternal life according to Ephesians Chapter 2. "For salvation is by grace and not by works so that no man shall boast". That's what's different about christianity, but I don't expect that to rock your world. In fact, none of the truth you will ever hear in your whole life will change that, unless you want it to. I honestly hope you spend some time with God and ask him what the truth is.

The Lord is coming very soon better get ready 

i feel sorry for you. You need to get on your knees and ask the Lord to forgive you of your sins and become a child of God... I shall keep you in my prayers

I can't say that i'm Pagan, but i am looking into it. I'm trying to find out as much as i can about it. Your page, though informatively seen from a different point of view (your point), i didn't find that great. You have a couple of grammatical errors and a couple of verbal misuse (I have a prefectionist habit and if you would like some examples, i would be happy to show you, but i won't include them in here).

You might be thinking that I didn't like your page simply because of your errors... well, it goes back further than that. You talk about Paganism like you know everything about it (i'm not saying you do know everything about it, but rather you sound like it). Now if you have errors in the language you're using to describe it in, how can i be sure that there are no errors in your teachings? (I know you say you're not trying to pursuade, but want it or not, those are considered teachings) On a more happier oppinion, this could just be the habit talkin. I'm not saying your writing is false, I don't even know that much about the religion. However, i would like you to think on it. 
Thanks. -Daniel

It was interesting to read about the pagan origins of Christianity because I consider Christianity to be a pagan religion.  Or at least polytheistic.  After all, Christians pray to The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost, The Virgin Mother, and all the saints and angels.  Even Satan could be said to be another aspect of polytheism.  He is, after all, a supernatural being who rules over a kingdom not of the material world.   

Hello Greg Kane

I just wanted to let you know that I found your website very interesting indeed. For many years I have seen the correlation between the Christ figure and pagan counterparts. It is of course not a popular topic for many. What I feel is that rather than diminishing the impact of the savior, it serves to enhance the archetype as a real and viable expression of spiritual life.
Thanks for all the work. Susan

Dear Greg,

 Very interesting web site! I agree that all religions mean the same thing  ,and have the same concepts. The more advanced the learning is, the more  apparent this becomes. The Holy Bible was actually written in this format to  reflect or model every religion on Earth. There are words that are different  words but translate over to the same phrases which have the same meanings.  Knowing this is the first step in breaking the bible code. It is nice to read  a web site from someone with this kind of pure logic.   


You are filled with the lies that anti-Christians give.  The answer to your own theory is one question.

Where is the body of Jesus?  Had they produced it Christianity would have stopped thousands of years ago.
Why did men die for a Jesus that they knew never raised?
Why is the existence of Jesus of Nazareth better documented than the existence of George Washington?
Why do you even care, if you donít want to believe?

Conquerors did write things to suit them, but why does the Bible agree like it does and tell things as if they happened hundreds of years before they did happen?  

Did it ever occur to you that the Pagans borrowed from Christians, or are you bigoted to think that the influence goes only one way?

Just because so whacked out religious nutcase did something wrong the whole religion is condemned for being bunk? 

As for a dying Son of God, Does it predate the Books of Moses (Bible)  written starting in 1500-2500 years before Christ?

That is truly amazing, that there is a book or source in our world today that is older than the Bible that tells the same story.  Are you truthful, sir or just whacked out?


Hello. I just found your website and it is very interesting and well done. You mention the absence of university courses discussing the issue of pagan influence on Christianity. A couple of years ago I took a course entitled "The Pagan Background of Christianity" at Queens University in Kingston, Canada - a leading univ. in Canada. It was a well presented and thorough course which brought up much of the information I see on your website. The primary text used was one on your recommended list - "The Ancient Mysteries: a Sourcebook" by Meyer. Keep up the good work.

Had to write... 

I have a few comments...

1) Why do people spend so much time and energy trying to kill/debunk/etc  Christianity?... I have determined that it must come from some inate human  desire to fight the percieved authority/majority institution in their lives.   In other words, if Hinduism was the predominate religion on the planet,  people would be spending huge amounts of time trying to "prove" that Hinduism  is a load of shit. 

2) Who cares? (why should anyone care?) Regardless of the origins of ANY  religion, it would seem that there can't be much wrong with a teaching that  wants people simply to be nice to each other, and gives the downtrodden hope  for a better time. (an attempt to counter with historical "Christian"  slaughters and tortures is invalid, in that Christianity simply does not  teach people to kill/maim/enslave/torture/banish others... those that have  done these things in the past (and present) (including Church leaders) simply  did/do not understand the religion) 

3) Your arguments, looked at from a different perspective, support the  conclusion that there is only ONE truth in the spiritual world.  (gasp!) All  these stories and people and events might actually point to the same ONE God,  One Son(Child), One Spirit, One Heaven, One Hell, etc etc etc. Different  

Sorry Greg, i disagree, people find what they are looking for, if you look for no God , you surely will find it.  But if you look for the  True God that is what you will find.


What a delightful site.  I've read recently some of the writings of Tacitus, the Roman historian, who was obviously a non-christian.  He mentions Jesus of Nazareth and his crucifixion.  What I find stunning is the huge number of early christians that would die at the hands of animals rather than deny an association with Jesus.  Based on the innate need to survive and the fact that no one would die voluntarily for something they don't truly believe, I suspect that it might be a little presumptuous on our part to try to 'wash away' this Jesus guy by arranging a comparison between his group and pagans.  I don't see history being written by priests either.  Many of the early historians were not christians.  I think Josephus was, but he wasn't even mentioned in the Western civ books I studied in college.

 Actually, I think there may be something to this Jesus thing.  I'm gonna check it out cause all the people I've met who say they "believe in him", whatever that means, seem to have an inner peace that the rest don't have.  

  I'll write again after I've learned more about it.  


 It has become clear to me that so many of us, as Christians, back up the historical accuracy of the Bible by reading what the Bible has to say.  Case in point....I read a summary by Josh McDowell about the historical proof of the resurrection.  All of his references and evidence were taken directly from the Bible. It's as if it's not acceptable to look outside the Bible and theological sources for answers.

 And I guess now I know why.I....

 Thanks so much.

The truth is that the plan of salvation was shown to Adam in what is called the Mazzaroth (Hebrew Zodiac) before any books were written.  The Mazzaroth was later perverted by satan into occultic astrology. In the book of Genesis we see evidence that Levitical rules were in place when Cain and Abel brought there sacrifices before God. What I am saying is the religion that Jesus taught was the same as that God commanded in the Torah (old testament). The pagan religions that you repeatedly refer to are a corruption of what God told His people 6,000 years ago.  God creates, satan counterfeits and deceives.  Paganism started at the tower of Babel when satan influenced nimrod and he rebelled against God.  All the nations had known the truth about Messiah but it was perverted with sun worship orchestrated by satan.  You refer to "ancients" that overnight developed civilization, mathematics, etc.; not so, they were influenced by fallen angels (read Genesis 6 and  the book of Enoch) and that is were "myths" about giants and titans come from. One of his greatest weapons is appealing to the arrogance of man.  He has people believe they are so sophisticated, that it is silly to believe he exists.  The problem with Christianity is that it  lost its Hebraic roots soon after the resurrection due to persecution, that is why Jesus warned us about false doctrine. Rev 2:9 "I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan." You have been duped by a master deceiver, he has been active for thousands of years, he plants seeds of doubt in minds, his hatred for you is without limit, he will laugh at you throughout eternity.

My husband and I have done some travelling and in Indonesia and Sri Lanka and Thailand we visited temples with ancient carvings on them recounting the great myths of the regions. In all there is a story of the hero cum savior, born of a mortal woman and god.

In Egypt, of course, there are many examples. At Deir al-Bahri, the mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut, is also related her earthly/divine origins. In all a "being" comes to the mother in a vision or dream and tells her of the impending "visit" by the god afterwhich she will deliver a son (never a daughter except for Hatshepsut) who will deliver his people. We were immediately struck by the parallels to Christ's story.

Hi Greg
My question,
Do you feel all the bible writers lied about Jesus and what he did and said? It doesn't seem logical these 27 writers would get together and promote the same idea. The only explanation would be the catholics EDITED these re-writes of the New Testement to THEIR satisfaction.