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...the religion of Israel did not invent even one myth.
MIrcea Eliade

Judaism survived because Christians let it survive 
You've maybe noticed the Christians wiped out all the other ancient religions. You weren't Christian, you became Christian or some Christian killed you. 

Judaism survived only because of its special relationship to Christian origins – otherwise the Christians would have wiped it out like they did every other non-Christian religion.  Scary, huh?

With the loss of the Temple in 73 AD, Judaism gave up its long -- and perfectly Pagan -- tradition of animal sacrifice. Modern Judaism keeps alive a lot of the ideas and rituals of pre-Christian ancient religions. Modern Jewish practices like food and other ritual taboos, head covering, the temple-state “monotheism” of a God interested in a single people (always “us,” whoever us was), are vestiges of practices and beliefs shared by pre-Christian religions around the Mediterranean. Wow.  

Pagan origins of the Old Testament
It wasn't just Jesus who borrowed from other ancient religions; so did Judaism. Judaism was not new and not unique

Think of the Incas, Aztecs, and Pueblo indians in America.   They lived in tribal cultures centered on a small city.  Each tribe had it's own myths and a religion focused on itself.  Each tribe also traded ideas back and forth across the larger culture.  The ancient middle east was like that.  Associate professors call that sort of tribe-city-religion a "temple-state."  Judea was one of dozens of tiny eastern-Mediterranean temple-states.  Judaism was one of dozens of temple state religions.  Nothing special, back then.  Special to us only because of our intervening history.


Hot shot religion historian Mircea Eliade lists Jewish myths copied from earlier ancient cultures >>

Judaism isn't my shtick; I'm not going to do the details myself. When I get around to filling in this page, I'll link you to several good books.

"...Genesis preserved a whole mythology of the traditional type. It begins with the cosmogony and the creation of man, paints the "paradisal" existence of the ancestors, related the drama of the fall...,which justifies the flood, and concludes with..the loss of linguistic unity....As in the archaic and traditional cultures, this mythology... explains the origin of the world and... the actual human condition....

...the religion of Israel did not invent even one myth. 

[MIrcea Eliade, A History of Religious Ideas, volume 1 §55]

Good books for this section  

History of Religious Ideas: Volume 1, From the Stone Age to the Eleusinian Mysteries
by Mircea Eliade

A famous historian of religion traces religious thought from the stone age down to Hellenism just before Jesus.

You'll discover the myths of Genesis written on Assyrian clay tablets a thousand years before Moses.

You'll discover how the Jews moving into Cannan in 1,200 BC adopted Cannanite myths, rituals, sacraments, and ideas.

Scholarly but well written, easy to read.


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