I'm still working on this page. 

The truth is none of the pages at POCM are finished.   The Pagan Origins is a huge subject.  The POCM web site is a hobby I've worked on for two or three years; I've several years left, God willing, before it's finished.  As I read more and learn more, I add more here.  I'm always way behind, I add new stuff every week or so.   I hope you'll check back once in a while.

So why the unfinished page? Why not just wait till a page is finished before adding it? Hurry Greg, hurry! Yes, I know it's not cool to waste your time with unfinished stuff. Here's why I do it.

I'm using Dreamweaver and Fireworks -- great web authoring software, but they do so much, they end up taking a lot of time.  Redoing the menus in one section, say Pagan Origins or Pagan Christs, can take a full day.  So when I do redo the menus, I add pages I know I'll get to eventually, rather than redo it all later. Capuche?