Why Entheology.org?
- by Arutam

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Over 100 tribes had become extinct in Brazil alone since the turn of the century, rainforests are being depleted at a rate of 100 acres a minute, and it has been estimated that 10% of the world's plant species were now extinct at the turn of the new millennium.  Yet a single plant alkaliod revealed to us by South American Indians has helped to eradicate malaria, over 25% of all prescription drugs in the United States have plant chemicals as their active ingredients, and "virtually none of the theraputic compounds brought from the world's living pharmacy into our modern drugstores for uses as varied as contraceptives to cancer treatments were discovered by trained botanists ." [1]

Futhermore, Shamanism has been stamped out by conquering nations and demonized by modern Western society, despite the fact that it's the "first" and universal religion that we, as humans, share. [2]  Entheogens can give access to spiritual dimensions of consciousness and mystical experiences that are indistinguishable from classic religious mysticism, yet their use isn't presently protected under our right to religious freedom in the U.S.A. This leads to countless questions such as: Why are the plant tools of Shaman so feared?

We are constantly in search of information regarding shamanic cultures and traditions, doing our small part to preserve and to promote the sacred knowledge that is often discarded, dimissed, our outright denied by mainstream scientists, researchers, and archaeologists. We offer concise and unique information for any modern-day spiritual explorer interested in shamanic study. A single breakthrough experience instantly reveals how unjust the laws governing these sacred plants are: Most have harmed no one, yet they've been declared evil and/or illegal, while the tobacco plant that has claimed millions of lives remains legal. 

The government may be able to take away our legal right to explore the sacred plants described in our site as we desire, but they cannot take away our freedom to share as much information regarding the use and preparation of sacred entheogens as possible.  It is up to every spiritual explorer to preserve the plants and traditions of the cultures that the United States government is swiftly destroying through it's quest for oil and other resources, while raping this planet without regard.

[1] Plotkin, Mark J., 1993, Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice, Peter Smith Publishing
[2] Cleversley, Keith 2009, "Shamanism: Humanity's True Roots?"