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Heimia salicifolia (Sinicuichi) Preparation
- by Herbage Database

Family: lythraceae
Range: Argentina, Mexico, Oaxaca
Comments: Its effects include pleasant drowsiness, skeletal muscle relaxation, slowing of heartbeat, dilation of coronary vessels, inhibition of acetylcholine, enhancement of epinephrine, slight reduction of blood pressure, cooling of body, mild intoxication and giddiness, darkening of vision, auditory hallucinations (sounds seem distant), and increased memory function. No reported hangover or undesirable side effects. Overindulgence causes golden-yellow tinge to vision on following day. Continued immoderate use may eventually hamper memory.

Preparation: To prepare, the plucked leaves are allowed to wilt slightly, are liquefied in a blender, permitted to ferment for 1 day in the sun, and drunk. If fresh material is not available the dried herb may be steeped in hot water and allowed to sit in sun for 1 day before drinking. Fourteen grams of the dried herb or equivalent of fresh leaves is suggested as starting dose.

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    The natives believe that sinicuichi (sinicuiche) has sacred or supernatural qualities, since they hold that it helps them recall events which took place many years earlier as if they had happened yesterday; others assert that they are able, with sinicuichi, to remember pre-natal events.
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