Kona Kava Farm Goes Organic
11 November 2004 - Internet News


Kona Kava Farm in Hawaii has been organically certified and has greatly expanded their product line with some unique Kava Kava products that the market has never seen before.  With the recent lift of the ban by the FDA, and FDA approval for their farm and manufacturing facility, they have been developing unique products such as cordials, instant Kava drinks (not only do they have a micronized instant kava drink that takes all the mess and frustration out of making a kava drink, they actually taste quite good as well), kava concentrates, as well as an entire line of vegan chocolate products, which they use in their unique kava products as well. 


They've got a hard-earned reputation as a small family farm with a unique kind of kava that makes it both potent as well as far less bitter than any other commercially avaialable kava kava.  They've been making kava on their Kona Kava Farm for generations, but they've also been selling kava online since the mid-1990's when the internet was just starting.  Their Kava claims to have a unique 4-2-6 chemotype lineup, which they are happy to boast about on their website, and whatever that means, one thing is for sure is that it adds up to reasonably palateable  and potent kava.


I don't know how many people care about organic kava or organic certifications, but at minimum, gaining organic status is a testament to the quality of your business (or farm, for them).  Organic almost always equates to quality, and Kona Kava Farm delivers this in kind.  We've always had great experiences with them,


What we like most about their website, though, is the fact that one of the family-owners of the website (Makaira), has a blog that she updates frequently.  It's called "Makaira's Kava Kava Blog" but she also has her own kava column called "From the Mind of Makaira" where she posts personal stories, kava news, and whatever else she feels like posting about.  They've got everything from numerous counter-studies that prove the safety of kava, as well as the up-to-the-minute legal status of Kava worldwide.  It's they're business to know, so I trust their words over any other.  And, from what the website states, they have express permission to send Kava to Canada, as long as it's for personal consumption.


As they say; "Now that Kava Kava has been proven to be a SAFE HERBAL SUPPLEMENT (though we here in Hawaii have known that for over 3,000 years), give Kava a try and see how much it may be able to enhance your life by helping to reduce stress and anxiety, add euphoria, enjoyment, while increasing your overall sense of well-being."


We here at Entheology feel that Kava is one of the original sacred plants that may have had far-reaching use, far more than is described in present literature today.  There is some historical information at www.Kava.com, but we continue to research the ritualistic uses of this plant, many which are still practiced today.  For the people of Oceania, Kava isn't just a relaxing and pleasurable treat; it's a way of life.


Visit www.KonaKavaFarm.com to find out more about their organic certification, and feel free to add comments to this article to share personal stories of your experience with them.  We don't often plug individual websites in a single aticle, but Kona Kava Farm deserves the praise.