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  allsalvia are UK importers, wholesalers and retailers of salvia divinorum dried leaf direct from Oaxaca, Mexico. We also sell standardised salvia divinorum 5x and 10x extract. 

Amazing Nature 
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  The Plants of the Gods! Amazing Nature was the first shop in The Netherlands for psychoactive herbs, Smart Drugs, Salvia, Mushrooms, Peyote and so on. Friendly people! 

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  For all salvia divinorum requirements. Live mother plants and cuttings. Fresh and dried salvia,10x extracts. Information and experiences. Based in the uk. 

Basement Shaman 
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  Specializing in live visionary plants and tools to help spiritual explorers reach beyond. 

Beyond Blonde 
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  Sells Salvia products. 

Bouncing Bear Botanicals 
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  Large variety of sacred plants at great prices. Salvia divinorum plants, foliage and extract. The nicest San Pedro Cactus' available. HBW Seeds, Caapi Vine and other Ayahuasca products, Khat seeds, sceletium and much more. 

Burton Services 
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  Salvia Divinorum Herbal Shop! Try our Almost FREE Jumbo sample size of pure high quality Salvia Divinorum. We also offer other select herbs.  

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  Site très intéressant par leurs kits de culture de champignons magiques, de très bonne qualité semble-t-il, et en outre parfaitement légaux. Rien à faire sinon placer ces kits dans de bonnes conditions (humidité et chaleur) pour laisser pousser. 

Ethnoplanet Herbs & Seeds 
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  We can supply you with the very best from mother nature. Take a look around to discover a world of blessings. Among others, you will find Salvia X5, Salvia X10, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, Dried cacti, living cacti, Ayahuasca and much more. Take a look around! All prices are in USD. 

Grow Magic Mushrooms 
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  We sell a magic mushroom grow kit that is so easy to use and so effective you won't believe it! 

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