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Herbal Explorations 
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  We provide dried plants and herbs used by shamans of ancient times such as Peruvian Torch cactus, Ayahuasca herbs, and Salvia divinorum. 

Herbal Explorations 
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  Ethnobotanical plants and cactus for reserch and specimen identification purposes. 

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URL:   Email: None
  A real Dutch Amsterdam shopping street. Here you will find all you need for the lowest prices! Why? We import and produce all our products ourselves. This way we can give the prices for herbs, seeds, etc., well... take a look around 

IAmShaman Shop 
Hits Today: 0   Total: 7020 Last Updated: 3/2/2002 Rate  |  Ratings: 86  | 
URL:   Email:
  Ethnobotanical superstore with wholesale prices, same day shipping, salvia giveaways, customer appreciation programs, and we pride ourselves in speed of order fulfillment and customer service; look at us last... 
Hits Today: 0   Total: 3255 Last Updated: 1/3/2004 Rate  |  Ratings: 3  | 
URL:   Email: - Purveyors of Fine Ethnobotanicals We supply fresh and viable ethnobotanicals direct from Peru, Mexico, Brazil, and Hawaii. Salvia Divinorum, Mimosa Hostilis, Syrian Rue, Amanitas, and much more. FREE Shipping with all orders! 

Kratom Plants 
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URL:   Email:
  We sell live Kratom plants. These have been cloned from a Rifat mother plant. Organically and hydroponically grown. 

lady salvia nursery 
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URL:   Email: None
  A good selection of salvia cuttings and Mother plants always in stock. Also fresh and dried leaves,10x extracts. Growing information and advice.  

Lambo Seeds 
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URL:   Email:
  Supplier of Ethnobotanical seeds... 

Hits Today: 0   Total: 1878 Last Updated: 7/14/2003 Rate  |  Ratings: 2  | 
URL:   Email:
  99% pure laboratory grade 5-meo-dmt cystals. Free shipping worldwide. 

Mazatec Garden 
Hits Today: 0   Total: 1668 Last Updated: 3/1/2002 Rate  |  Ratings: 15  | 
URL:   Email: None
  Mazatec Garden is dedicated to providing high quality shamanistic herbs and herbal extracts at reasonable prices. We specialize in Salvia divinorum, Dream Herb, Sinicuichi, Wild dagga, and Damiana. 

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