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Totnes Hemp Co  
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  UK suppliers of good quality Salvia and herbs and seeds, including Morning Glory seeds, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds, Calea Zacatechichi, peyote, mushroom grow kits and over 50 strains of F1 cannabis seeds. 

Triple Helix Magic Mushroom Kits 
Hits Today: 0   Total: 1606 Last Updated: 12/2/2003 Rate  |  Ratings: 0  | 
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  The very best Magic Mushroom Grow Kits on the web at great prices! 

Well Strong Salvia 
Hits Today: 0   Total: 1375 Last Updated: 4/13/2003 Rate  |  Ratings: 3  | 
URL:   Email:
  Salvia Divinorium for sale: High strength leaf and extract 5x - 15x. Online shopping, salvia information, trip reports and more 

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