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African Voacanga Seeds 
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  Tabernanthe iboga, is a plant that grows wild in forests around Africa. The Australian relative is in the closely related genus Tabernaemontana, which also grows in many other countries, especially Tabernaemontana orientalis. It has been used throughout the ages in rituals and ceromonies of the forests people. Interest has grown all over the world as this plant can cure addicts of their physical and mental addictions to Heroin and just about any addictive habit, and do it sometimes with 1 treatment!  

Buzz Magic 
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  Buzz Magic Sells the very best strains of Psilocybe Cubensis Shroom Spores. Fast Delivery and excellent customer service 

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  Online cactus nursery specialized in Lophophora, Trichocereus, Selenicereus and Pereskiopsis. Good information on cactus propagation. Plants and seeds can be ordered in the online shop. We accept Paypal, WaytoPay or transfer to bank account. 

Copelandia Magic Mushrooms 
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  We specialize in the Copelandia Cyanescens Magic Mushroom. We also sell spores, growkits & litterature. 

Ethnogarden Botanicals 
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  We offer rare and sacred plants herbs seeds and extracts. Consisting of many hard to obtain magical plants. Iboga, peyote, wild dagga, amanita muscaria extract ,Salvia divinorum, Ayahuasca herbs, dried T peruvianus and much much more. Come in for a visit. I am sure you will leave happy! Please note all prices are in Canadian dollars! There is a currency converter so you can see what the figure is in US:)  

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  During the last five years Ethnoplanet has developed into the leading etnobotanical supply in Scandinavia. We carry a large selection of rare and sacred herbs, plants and seeds. We Ship worldwide. 

Herbal Medicine Bag 
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  THIS WEBSITE WAS SHUT DOWN DUE TO NON-PAYMENT. We are the link in this chain that provides raw herbs, roots, seeds, mushrooms, peppers, cacti and other materials used in many traditional and folk medicines. 

RAC Research 
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  Quality research chemicals and low prices. 

Smart Botanics 
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  Magic Mushroom spores (prints and syringes). Starters Kits and Grow Boxes. And of course the supplies for the Magic Mushroom home grower. 

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  The cheapest place on the internet to buy spores, grow kits, grow chambers. Fast and friendly service guarenteed! 

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