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Ayahuasca Home Page 
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  Ayahuasca Home Page: A repository for all kinds of information regarding the famous jungle brew. We have completely redesigned the site, and hope you like it. Any comments can be directed to us at contact 

Ayahuasca SpiritQuest 
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  "Transformative workshop retreats exploring the essence of traditional shamanic ayahuasca healing practices and ethnobotany in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon" 

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  A Site dedicated to anthropologist carlos castanea conceiver of the modern tensegrity 

Nierica - The Sacred Door 
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  The Shamanic work of Dr. Tom "tomas" Pinkston 

Sorcerer's Rosetta Stone 
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  This web site is designed to introduce the use of a personal teacher for those traveling the path of Nagualism - the techniques of the shamans of ancient Mexico revealed to modern man by Carlos Castaneda, Florida Donner-Grau, and Tashia Abelar. This teacher is a plant. 

Spirit Web 
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  Comprehensive Web-Site Promoting Spiritual Consciousness Since 1994. They channel through "Michael" here. 

The Michael Teachings 
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  Resources, Channeling, and Spiritual Teachings of the Entity Michael 

Truth Out 
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  Finally, the REAL truth, and not the spoon-fed stories the media wants you to believe. 

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