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  Quality Hawaiian Ethno-Botanicals such as Diplopterys, Caapi, Salvia, Baby Woodrose Seeds, Kava, dried leaf and live specimens for sale online! 

Diviner's Mint 
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  In the Mazatecan shaman culture there are three plants that are Teachers. The first is Salvia Divinorum, the next is Morning Glory, and the third is Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms. It is said that even though Salvia Divinorum is the first of the three teachers it is the most powerful. The Mazatecan shamans use an infusion of the leaves to induce powerful visions of healing and astral projection. Salvia Divinorum is a great addition to any medical or herbal garden. 

Lady Salvia Nursery 
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  For all salvia divinorum requirements. Live plants, fresh and dried salvia, 10x extracts, herbal delights. 

Medicinal Plant Farm 
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  Sells primarily Salvia (cuttings). 

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  I am to offering CUTTINGS in addition to the LEAF, 5X and APIANA I already offer. I accummulate many ounces of premium leaf from my plants each year.The leaves are 9"-10" long, velvety-darkgreen, perfect. Meticulously air dried with stems removed ,and run thru a stainless steel wire mesh; you get only the best of the leaf. 

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  We sell high quality plant products at cut rate prices we grow our own stock so we cut out the middleman, not like some of these sites who have contacted me to sell to them wholesale, we pass the savings on to you. 

Theatrum Botanicum 
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  Live Salvia Divinorum plants and more. 

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