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Salvia World 
Hits Today: 0   Total: 1093 Last Updated: 3/3/2002 Rate  |  Ratings: 6  | 
URL: http://www.salviaworld.com   Email: None
  Lowest prices on the net, good quality, but the shipping is very slow. 

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Theatrum Botanicum 
Hits Today: 0   Total: 1943 Last Updated: 3/3/2002 Rate  |  Ratings: 14  | 
URL: http://www.greenstranger.com/salviapage.html   Email: None
  Live Salvia Divinorum plants and more. 

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Salvia Divinorum Center 
Hits Today: 0   Total: 1522 Last Updated: 3/3/2002 Rate  |  Ratings: 0  | 
URL: http://www.sagewisdom.org   Email: None
  Salvia divinorum is an extraordinary herb used in shamanism, divination, healing, meditation, and the exploration of consciousness. The site is created and maintained by Daniel Siebert. 

Home Entheogen Links : Information
Salvia Divinorum Vault 
Hits Today: 0   Total: 2098 Last Updated: 3/3/2002 Rate  |  Ratings: 0  | 
URL: http://www.erowid.org/plants/salvia/salvia.shtml   Email: None
  Erowid Salvia Divinorum Information Section 

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IAmShaman Shop 
Hits Today: 0   Total: 7117 Last Updated: 3/2/2002 Rate  |  Ratings: 86  | 
URL: http://www.iamshaman.com/   Email: shopkeeper@iamshaman.com
  Ethnobotanical superstore with wholesale prices, same day shipping, salvia giveaways, customer appreciation programs, and we pride ourselves in speed of order fulfillment and customer service; look at us last... 

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Kava Kauai 
Hits Today: 0   Total: 2298 Last Updated: 3/2/2002 Rate  |  Ratings: 6  | 
URL: http://www.kavakauai.com   Email: None
  This site sells kava, salvia, hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, and i believe phalaris as well. i highly recommend the salvia, it is very potent, and very nice. 

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Mazatec Garden 
Hits Today: 0   Total: 1728 Last Updated: 3/1/2002 Rate  |  Ratings: 15  | 
URL: http://www.mazatecgarden.com   Email: None
  Mazatec Garden is dedicated to providing high quality shamanistic herbs and herbal extracts at reasonable prices. We specialize in Salvia divinorum, Dream Herb, Sinicuichi, Wild dagga, and Damiana. 

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