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San Pedro Cactus 
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URL: http://www.blackhat.be/toxic/dope/   Email: toxic@blackhat.be
  Various pictures of the San Pedro cactus (Trichocereus Pachanoi). 

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URL: http://www.innerexotics.com   Email: orders@innerexotics.com
  Innerexotics.com - Purveyors of Fine Ethnobotanicals We supply fresh and viable ethnobotanicals direct from Peru, Mexico, Brazil, and Hawaii. Salvia Divinorum, Mimosa Hostilis, Syrian Rue, Amanitas, and much more. FREE Shipping with all orders! 

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Maya Ethnobotanicals 
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URL: http://www.maya-ethnobotanicals.com   Email: info@maya-ethnobotanicals.com
  Supplier of dried plants of ethnobotanical importance. Top quality service, fast delivery worldwide, and very reasonable prices. We accept Visa, Paypal, Bank- and and Western Union Money Transfers. Welcome to Maya! You have come to the right place.  

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Triple Helix Magic Mushroom Kits 
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URL: http://www.triplehelixspores.com   Email: contact@triplehelixspores.com
  The very best Magic Mushroom Grow Kits on the web at great prices! 

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URL: http://www.realitywormhole.com   Email: admin@realitywormhole.com
  Purchase salvia divinorum leaf and extracts worldwide. Buy 5x - 15x extracts through our secure online shopping cart 

Home Spirituality/Shamanism
Truth Out 
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URL: http://www.truthout.org   Email: COMMENTS@truthout.com
  Finally, the REAL truth, and not the spoon-fed stories the media wants you to believe. 

Home Spirituality/Shamanism : Education
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URL: http://www.mindstates.org/   Email: mindstates@prodigy.net
  Since 1997, the Mind States conferences and seminars have brought together renowned scientists, researchers, artists, and musicians from all over the world to present the latest findings in consciousness studies, with a particular focus on altered states 

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RAC Research 
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URL: http://www.racresearch.com/   Email: contactus@racresearch.com
  Quality research chemicals and low prices. 

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Lambo Seeds 
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URL: http://www2.aros.net/~lambo/order/order.htm   Email: lambo@aros.net
  Supplier of Ethnobotanical seeds... 

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Salvia Extraction Labs 
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URL: http://www.salvia-divinorum.to   Email: info@salvia-divinorum.to
  Welcome to Salvia Extraction Labs, where we bring you high quality Salvia products at discount prices. Building on a reputation of great customer service and the outstanding potency of our products. 

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