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Buzz Magic 
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URL: http://www.BuzzMagic.com   Email: buzzmagic@buzzmagic.com
  Buzz Magic Sells the very best strains of Psilocybe Cubensis Shroom Spores. Fast Delivery and excellent customer service 

Home Entheogen Links
Ladysalvia shop and nursery 
Hits Today: 1   Total: 2050 Last Updated: 8/17/2003 Rate  |  Ratings: 0  | 
URL: http://www.ladysalvia.co.uk   Email: angelfire@allsearchengines.co.uk
  Live Salvia plants,10x extracts,Fresh,and dried Salvia leaf. Herbs and information 

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Shamanic Extracts 
Hits Today: 0   Total: 1947 Last Updated: 8/12/2003 Rate  |  Ratings: 3  | 
URL: http://www.shamanic-extracts.com   Email: info@shamanic-extracts.com
  We are a specialized manufacturer for standardized salvia and other extracts for more than 5 years. We sell worldwide to businesses and consumers, continually striving to offer the best products, at the best prices. Purity - Power - Potency! 

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URL: http://www.matrix-fx.com   Email: 5meodmt-matrix@campus.ie
  99% pure laboratory grade 5-meo-dmt cystals. Free shipping worldwide. 

Home Merchant Ratings/Links : Supplies/Stuff
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URL: http://www.matrix-fx.com   Email: 5meodmt-matrix@campus.ie
  specialists in supplying 99% pure laboratory grade 5-meo-dmt cystals. 

Home Merchant Ratings/Links : Botanicals
Hits Today: 1   Total: 1635 Last Updated: 6/27/2003 Rate  |  Ratings: 0  | 
URL: http://www.rarebotanicals.com   Email: sas_quatch_61@yahoo.com
  Sells Cactus, Salvia, and other botanicals. 

Home Entheogen Links : Websites
Ethnogens.com - For All Your Ethnobotanical Needs 
Hits Today: 0   Total: 1345 Last Updated: 6/19/2003 Rate  |  Ratings: 0  | 
URL: http://ethnogens.com   Email: dave@ethnogens.com
  Supplier of rare and sacred plants including Salvia Divinorum, Amanita Muscaria, San Pedro Cactus and many more. 

Home Merchant Ratings/Links : Botanicals
Hits Today: 1   Total: 1980 Last Updated: 6/16/2003 Rate  |  Ratings: 0  | 
URL: http://alohabotanicals.com   Email: Thomas@alohabotanicals.com
  Quality Hawaiian Ethno-Botanicals including Diplopterys, Caapi, P. viridis, Kava, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds, and live specimens for sale online !! 

Home Merchant Ratings/Links : Live Plants
Hits Today: 2   Total: 1587 Last Updated: 6/16/2003 Rate  |  Ratings: 0  | 
URL: http://alohabotanicals.com   Email: Thomas@alohabotanicals.com
  Quality Hawaiian Ethno-Botanicals such as Diplopterys, Caapi, Salvia, Baby Woodrose Seeds, Kava, dried leaf and live specimens for sale online! 

Home Merchant Ratings/Links
Hits Today: 1   Total: 1946 Last Updated: 6/6/2003 Rate  |  Ratings: 5  | 
URL: http://www.de-sjamaan.nl/   Email: chaigne_didier@voila.fr
  Site très intéressant par leurs kits de culture de champignons magiques, de très bonne qualité semble-t-il, et en outre parfaitement légaux. Rien à faire sinon placer ces kits dans de bonnes conditions (humidité et chaleur) pour laisser pousser. 

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