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URL: http://www.salviaonline.co.uk   Email: None
  salviaonline sell salvia divinorum 5x and 10x extract as well as dried leaf. We also sell magic mushroom grow kits which are fool proof and will provide you with mushroooms within 10 days 

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URL: http://www.amazon.com   Email: None
  Pollock (2000) Starring: Ed Harris
This film is intense, funny, heart-breaking, and eye-opening all in the same breath and the way that Harris can show the immense urgency of the creative process is astounding. Most artists will tell you that there comes a moment when working, that nothing else in the world matters, you focus on nothing but the work, and you feel completely free from any earthly restraints. Even if you're not an artist, you will understand that feeling from watching this film. It's too bad that amazing films, such as this one, don't come along very often. 

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Peyote Songs of the Native American Church 
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URL: http://www.canyonrecords.com/cr6309.htm   Email: None
  Verdell Primeaux and Johnny Mike sing harmonized peyote songs with drum and rattle accompaniment. This music is awesome and inspiring. 

Home Random Favorites : Films
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URL: http://www.amazon.com   Email: None
  Naked (1994) Director: Mike LeighIn between his breakthrough film (Life Is Sweet) and his world sensation (Secrets and Lies), filmmaker Mike Leigh created his most abrasive and daring film, Naked. This "Angry Young Man" for the 1990s follows an acidic wanderer (Cannes award winner David Thewlis) who observes a corrosive Britain. An intellectual, bitter film filtered with debauchery and black humor, Naked follows the bemusing Johnny as he crosses in and out of doorways, drifting into old acquaintances and new lost souls. It is more of a character film than sheer entertainment and thus it can be hard to watch, but it offers one of the great performances of the 1990s. Thewlis would have been an Oscar shoo-in if he'd worn a tuxedo and repressed his emotions. He didn't, and his brilliant work went unrecognized in mainstream America. --Doug Thomas 

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Mazatec Garden 
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URL: http://www.mazatecgarden.com   Email: info@mazatecgarden.com
  Mazatec Garden is dedicated to providing high quality shamanistic herbs and herbal extracts at reaonable prices. 

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Salvia Space Ethnobotanicals 
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URL: http://www.salviaspace.com   Email: None
  Low prices on Salvia divinorum, Amanita muscaria, Sceletium tortuosum, Acorus calamus, Lettuce Opium, Blue Lotus and more. Fast shipping!  

Home Random Favorites : Books
Your Head in the Tigers Mouth by Ramesh Balsekar 
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URL: http://www.amazon.com   Email: None
  Yet another powerful set of dialogues on ultimate reality. 

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