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When you are looking to buy a Salvia cutting or plant, remember that Salvia divinorum seeds are a rarity, and that if you happen to find Salvia seeds, at least the divinorum strain, that they will most-likely be bad, non-viable seeds. Buy Salvia divinorum plants from an online shop that has been selling Salvia plants for over 5 years.

Over-coddling is Bad

If you buy Salvia plants that are only Salvia cuttings, you must take extra care with them. Young Salvia plants are very fussy things, and require a lot of attention, but hate coddling. For example: Salvia divinorum rooted cuttings love to be misted every day, and of ten need to be put in a humidity dome until they can be weaned off of the humidity. This is a good example of paying attention to your Salvia plants.

If you decide to move your Salvia divinorum young plants from a windowsill to a corner because you think they might do better, and then decide that maybe they aren't getting enough light, so a few days later you go out and buy a grow light, and then you decide that maybe it's too cold for your plants so you move them back to the windowsill…this is a good example of over-coddling your Divine Sage.

In a sentence: When you buy Salvia divinorum rooted cuttings, young Salvia plants, and even if you buy adult Salvia plants; once you get them home, leave them in one place, and leave them alone. They take at least a couple of weeks to adjust to their new environment, and may droop, drop lots of leaves, and even look as though they are going to die at any second.

This is completely normal!

If you got moved from a comfy home that you had lived in your entire life, and then got transported in a cold, cardboard box to who knows where, and then suddenly found yourself in a completely different home a day or two later, with someone completely different taking care of you, with completely different soil, water, and nutrients…you might shed a few leaves and not look very happy and healthy either. It's truly no different for your plant.

So, when you buy Salvia plants, always remember this. When you buy Salvia divinorum plants, remember that they are fragile little sages, and that they are one of the most difficult plants to cultivate indoors. They thrive in a partial sun outdoor environment during summer months. There truly is no replacement for pure sunshine and the outdoors for Salvia plants. Though they thrive in a professional greenhouse environment, most don't have this luxury, so windowsills and backyard patios must suffice.

As They Flourish

If you buy Salvia divinorum plants or rooted cuttings, though, they can flourish. It usually requires trial and error and a few dead plants. One day, as if alight bulb suddenly went off, you may find yourself growing a Salvia divinorum plant that has come to live and seems to grow lush new leaves every day. I was the brownest thumb ever, but was determined to not give up. I killed 2 established mother plants, and many Salvia clones, until I finally found something that worked for me, my space, and the environment. Once Salvias wake up and begin to thrive, there is no stopping them.

If your Salvia divinorum plants begin to thrive, the biggest problem you will have is getting them to not fall over! Salvia divinorum propagates through cuttings, and in their natural habitat, they simply fall over when they start to get tall. Wherever the stem touches the ground, roots will form, and a new plant will begin. The stalks are very soft, and as a result, they are also very delicate. No matter where you buy Salvia divinorum live plants from, they will all have very brittle, delicate stems that snap easily, especially when the plant begins to grow tall.

Bamboo stakes work great to alleviate this problem, and don't worry if it seems that every single stem has to be propped up...this may very well be what needs to happen. Live Salvia plants like to grow a big stalk with few branches, so the best thing you can do for your Salvia plant is to prune the leaves that grow from the main stem as soon as they reach a few inches long. You can wait longer, but it will take that much longer for your Salvia plants to grow lots of branches.

Taking Cuttings

Once you buy live Salvia plants, get them growing, and see them start to thrive, and start pruning the main stalk, you will soon be able to safely take clones and cuttings from the plant. Don't try to take clones too early; taking cuttings too early will stunt the growth of your Salvia plant, and provide you with fewer opportunities later to take cuttings.

Clones from live Salvia plants will almost always droop over and look as if there is no hope for them when you first take the cutting, but this is normal. Drop the new cuttings in plenty of water, and mist them as often as you are able to. The entire root system has been taken from the plant, and the only way for them to get enough water is to soak it up through their leaves. Salvia divinorum plants love humidity anyway, so you can't overdo the misting. They should look almost dead for a few days to a week, but as long as the leaves don't turn black, you should be O.K. They don't need much light at all during this time; the plant isn't focusing on photosynthesizing; it is focusing on creating new roots in order to survive.

Putting a bubble from an aquarium can greatly speed the rooting process, but it isn't necessary.

Salvia divinorum plants can live quite a long time in water with their roots, but if they start to turn brownish at all, remove them from the water and plant them in soil immediately. White roots are a sign of a healthy plant, but brown roots are a sign of an unhealthy plant. If all goes well, you won't ever have to buy Salvia divinorum plants or young Salvia plants, or Salvia cuttings, or Salvia divinorum rooted cuttings ever again! Once you start a little garden of the Divine Sage, the new plants created from the cuttings will already be acclimated to your environment, and should start to thrive more quickly then the original Salvia cuttings that you bought from an online shop such as

We have bought plants from many online Salvia shops, but whenever we buy Salvia cuttings from IAmShaman, we have never been disappointed. What they call rooted cuttings have always been larger, stronger, and more adaptive Salvia plants than ones that we could buy from any other shop. If you buy Salvia divinorum cuttings, remember to do your homework first and ask around places that know such as the forum that is devoted to Salvia discussion.

We could have picked anyone to partner with, but the very first time we bought Saliva divinorum extracts from IAmShaman, there was no need to look anywhere else. The quality of their products was not only unsurpassed, their prices and attention to us, the customer, was unmatched. They were there on both e-mail and the phone to answer any question we had, and after we decided to buy our Salvia plants from them, they included a detailed Salvia growers guide, and promptly answered our questions within an hour of sending an e-mail.

Anyway, enough of that. Make your own decisions, but please make an informed one; these sacred plants need all the help they can in getting spread across the world. The more growers, the more Salvia divinorum plants, and the more chance that we will all have to grow this wondrous plant for the rest of our lives, no matter what fate might befall it.

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