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Bomb Glass 
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  Appears to have reasonable prices on waterpipes. I have not yet traded with them however. -predawn 

Coldfinger Extractors 
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  The Coldfinger Home Unit is elegant in its simplicity. This small self contained unit takes less than five minutes to set up and can extract 2-4 oz. of herb at a time. It can use an electric stove top range or hot plate as a heat source. 

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  specialists in supplying 99% pure laboratory grade 5-meo-dmt cystals. 

Proscale 250 Digital Scale 
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  The Proscale 250 offers more for less money. Why pay us $129.99 for the Acculab PP250B when we are offering the Proscale 250 for an amazing $59.97. Don't think just because the price is low it means the higher priced pocket scales are better. This is far from reality. The simple fact is other brands are marketed by greedy companies which artificially inflate their prices. 

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  We sell high quality herbal highs & psychoactive drugs, cheap marijuana seeds, magic mushrooms and spores + various mind altering drugs, books and devices. 

Smoke Bubble  
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  Unlock the magic of your favorite blend with the amazing : Smoke Bubble made of almost unbreakable glass (sent with a extra buble)  

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