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  Quality Hawaiian Ethno-Botanicals including Diplopterys, Caapi, P. viridis, Kava, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds, and live specimens for sale online !! 

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  Itīs passion to bring out theArt of theBotanic world. European Salvia wholesale for all Mexican Herbs, Art ,Tea and Sceletium. 

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  Rare and exotic ethnobotanicals and entheogens, essential oils, incenses, seeds, ancient and sacred herbs that have a long history of healing, energizing, or relaxing both the mind and spirit are our specialty and passion. Many ancient cultures are disa 

Cielo Ethnobotanicals 
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  Our mission is to supply the highest quality herbal products anywhere. All of our herbs are plantation grown in non-deforested areas or wildcrafted under strict ethical guidelines. We specialize in Amazonian healing plants. 

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  Inexpensive & Convenient Supplier: Mushroom Spore Prints, Live Plants, Cacti, Seeds, Herbs & more...  

EARTHPOD/ The Green House 
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  Online ethnobotanical nursery. Supplying Shamanic, Visionary, Medicinal, Nootropic & Australian Native plants, seeds and herbs. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 

Echologik Online 
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  We are a young company that currently hold Amanita, Salvia (5x, 10x, 20x) and Trichocereus (dried), Yopo, Ayahuasca and spores in CANADIAN PRICES. Free the hemp and all Earth's plant allies ! Come take a look ! 

El Clandestino 
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  1000+ products: we sell Marijuana seeds, Magic Mushrooms, Peyote, Iboga, Ayahuasca, Yohimbe, Ephedra... Headshop + Smartshop !!! 

Ethnogarden Botanicals 
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  Offering rare plants, seeds herbs and extracts from around the globe. Also offering Iboga rootbark and extracts! 

Great Spirit Ethnobotanicals 
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  Fast shipping, plain packaging. Trichocereus peruvianus, salvia divinorum, hawaiian baby woodrose, kava kava, peganum harmala and more. 

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