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Stuff you need to know before the POCM makes sense. Ideas, rituals and myths Christianity boosted from the Pagans. Some of the Pagan's dying-resurrected godmen You are here. Discover mainstream scholarship about Christianity's Pagan origins What did the Christians borrow? So what?
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A quick history of the Triumph of Christianity

Christianity was not new. Christianity was not unique. That's what we've been looking at up till now. Now, to understand how Pagan ideas, rituals and myths got into Christianity, it helps to know a bit about the history of earliest Christianity. (Duh.)

Here we go.

Before Christ gives you a quick, easy and valuable look at the history of ancient Judea, especially the powerful Greek-ification (associate professors call it Hellenization) that swept Jewish culture in the two hundred years before Jesus.
Christ lists and quotes in detail all the contemporary evidence of Jesus' life. OK, see, that's a trick sentence. You may be surprised to learn there is no contemporary evidence that Jesus lived. I am not making this up -- this is standard mainstream scholarship.

After Christ The Myth of Apostolic Succession begins with the regulation history of how Christianity got from Jesus to the New Testament, then explains why that history did not hold up to modern (and not so modern) scholarship.

After Christ Modern Scholarship introduces you to modern critical scholarship about the New Testament and Christian Origins
Triumph introduces you to the many early Christianities, and how one of them came to destroy the rest, and Paganism.

The next time you're in Church
ask yourself:"What about what I'm hearing was new and unique with Christianity, and what was already part of other religions in a culture where over and over again new religions were built with old parts?"Next time you're in church...

When they get to the part about one God, maker of Heaven and Earth, and his Son who died for the salvation of mankind, remember the Pagan Gods and Pagan Godmen.

You'll know you're hearing about stuff that predated Christianity by hundreds of years -- in a culture where over and over people built new religions out of old parts.


What other people think about POCM
The truth is that the plan of salvation was shown to Adam in what is called the Mazzaroth (Hebrew Zodiac) before any books were written.  The Mazzaroth was later perverted by satan into occultic astrology. In the book of Genesis we see evidence that Levitical rules were in place when Cain and Abel brought there sacrifices before God. What I am saying is the religion that Jesus taught was the same as that God commanded in the Torah (old testament). The pagan religions that you repeatedly refer to are a corruption of what God told His people 6,000 years ago.  God creates, satan counterfeits and deceives.  Paganism started at the tower of Babel when satan influenced nimrod and he rebelled against God.  All the nations had known the truth about Messiah but it was perverted with sun worship orchestrated by satan.  You refer to "ancients" that overnight developed civilization, mathematics, etc.; not so, they were influenced by fallen angels (read Genesis 6 and  the book of Enoch) and that is were "myths" about giants and titans come from. One of his greatest weapons is appealing to the arrogance of man.  He has people believe they are so sophisticated, that it is silly to believe he exists.  The problem with Christianity is that it  lost its Hebraic roots soon after the resurrection due to persecution , that is why Jesus warned us about false doctrine. Rev 2:9 "I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan." You have been duped by a master deceiver, he has been active for thousands of years, he plants seeds of doubt in minds, his hatred for you is without limit, he will laugh at you throughout eternity.