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Stuff you need to know before the POCM makes sense. Ideas, rituals and myths Christianity boosted from the Pagans. Some of the Pagans' dying-resurrected godmen The Triumph of Christianity Discover mainstream scholarship about Christianity's Pagan origins What did the Christians borrow? So what?
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Greg flying in
Golden, Colorado

"Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth...and touched the face of God."



One of the fun things about this site is the interesting and thoughtful feedback folks send. I've learned a lot. Feel free to send me Greg Kane an email -- especially if you spot a mistake.

What's in it for me? Nothing on this web site is my original idea. I first heard about the Pagan Christs in religion courses at Rice U. decades ago. But only in passing. I did some reading on my own, and that's where the stuff here comes from.

Greg Kane