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Stuff you need to know before the POCM makes sense. Ideas, rituals and myths Christianity boosted from the Pagans. Some of the Pagan's dying-resurrected godmen The Triumph of Christianity Discover mainstream scholarship about Christianity's Pagan origins What did the Christians borrow? So what?
the ideas, myths and rituals christianity borrowed from the pagans Jesus saves -- Pagan Gods saved first gods whose dad was a god and whose mom was a mortal woman Christianity has baptism -- Paganism had it first Christians share a sacred meal with their God -- Pagans did it first Christians believe in eternal life -- but Paganism believed in it first
Jesus did miracles -- Pagan Gods did them first Jesus fulfilled prophecy -- Pagan Gods fulfilled prophecy first God and the immortal soul -- Paganism had 'em first Christianity thinks it has monotheism -- Paganism had it first Jesus' God lives in Heaven on High -- Pagan Gods lived there first pagan dead went to the underworld Jesus made clever quips -- Pagan cynic philosophers made them first
Jesus made clever quips -- Pagan cynic philosophers made them first

Jesus said clever things like "Let the dead bury the dead."   Modern New Testament scholarship finds a connection between these witty, anti-establismentarian sayings and the witty, anti-establismentarian sayings of the Pagan "cynic" philosophers.

You've maybe heard of Diogenes, the guy who lived in a barrel, and when Alexander the Great came to see him (Diogenes was famous), and asked him was there anything he, the Emperor, could do for him, said, "Yeah, stand out of my sun."  Just like that.  To the emperor.  What a hoot.  Diogenes was always saying stuff like that, and people didn't think he was snotty, they thought he was clever. Diogenes was a cynic philosopher.

Not only are many of Jesus sayings suspiciously cynic sounding, turns out there was a famous hotbed of cynic philosophy right in Galilee, right when Jesus lived.  Cynics by the way were famous for not owning things, and for walking around talking about the meaning of life.  Sound familiar?

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