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Win the battle, lose the war

Pyrex victory
Most folks see that if the Christian religion is really old Pagan religion shuffled once, then it's not true.

I often get email from people who reckon that's swell. They thank me for putting Christianity in it's place -- on the fiction shelf with the other tired myths. I'm not surprised by those emails; arrant anti-Christian-ism is a fashion just now, and honestly, I know one Christian who's a bit full of himself. Maybe two. Anyway the chips do fall against the myth.

A Pyrex victory  

A Pyrex victory is named for a Greek general who, congratulated on a costly victory against the Romans, or someone, replied unforgettably: "Three more wins like that, and we're whipped." Or something.

Pyrex wasn't his real name, by the way. His friends just called him that, because he had a glass eye, I think.


But if toppling the Christian myth is the meaning of a reasoned look at the facts, then, well, Shit, that sucks.

It sucks because in western culture the Christ myth is the myth that carries value and meaning. Without the Christ myth we don't have a coherent way to conceptualize good and bad, right and wrong. The modern scientific rationalism that toppled the myth cannot carry meaning or value -- does not recognize the concepts right and wrong, good and bad. What experiment can you imagine to measure good? There isn't one.

And if scientific rationalism is all we've got, my friend, that sucks. Big green donkey ones. Absent thee from felicity a while; wise general Pyrex didn't have us in mind, maybe, but he had us bang to rights.