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Sage Wisdom Salvia Shop 
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URL: http://sagewisdom.org/   Email: None
  The Salvia divinorum Research and Information Center with the most Salvia information available anywhere. 

Home Spirituality/Shamanism
Truth Out 
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URL: http://www.truthout.org   Email: COMMENTS@truthout.com
  Finally, the REAL truth, and not the spoon-fed stories the media wants you to believe. 

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The Amanita Shop 
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URL: http://www.amanitashop.com   Email: copyright@amanitashop.com
  We have gathered research regarding this fascinating mushroom from everywhere we could find, to find the truth about its history, its origin, its cultivation, and what part if has played in molding the consciousness of humanity, including the place we fee 

Home Merchant Ratings/Links : Other
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URL: http://www.sporemagic.com   Email: None
  The cheapest place on the internet to buy spores, grow kits, grow chambers. Fast and friendly service guarenteed! 

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URL: http://www.innerexotics.com   Email: orders@innerexotics.com
  Innerexotics.com - Purveyors of Fine Ethnobotanicals We supply fresh and viable ethnobotanicals direct from Peru, Mexico, Brazil, and Hawaii. Salvia Divinorum, Mimosa Hostilis, Syrian Rue, Amanitas, and much more. FREE Shipping with all orders! 

Home Merchant Ratings/Links : Botanicals
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URL: http://www.botanicmagic.com   Email: mike@botanicmagic.com
  Rare and exotic ethnobotanicals and entheogens, essential oils, incenses, seeds, ancient and sacred herbs that have a long history of healing, energizing, or relaxing both the mind and spirit are our specialty and passion. Many ancient cultures are disa 

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URL: http://www.angelfireuk.com   Email: None
  For all salvia divinorum requirements. Live mother plants and cuttings. Fresh and dried salvia,10x extracts. Information and experiences. Based in the uk. 

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Kratom Plants 
Hits Today: 1   Total: 3013 Last Updated: 8/4/2004 Rate  |  Ratings: 0  | 
URL: http://www.kratomplants.com   Email: info@kratomplants.com
  We sell live Kratom plants. These have been cloned from a Rifat mother plant. Organically and hydroponically grown. 

Home Entheogen Links
Salvia Divinorum User's Guide 
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URL: http://www.sagewisdom.org/usersguide.html   Email: None
  Written to teach you how to work with this herb in a way that is personally rewarding, and how to do so as safely as possible. It will also teach you how to grow and care for your own Salvia divinorum plants.  

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URL: http://www.cactusplaza.com   Email: cactall@hotmail.com
  Online cactus nursery specialized in Lophophora, Trichocereus, Selenicereus and Pereskiopsis. Good information on cactus propagation. Plants and seeds can be ordered in the online shop. We accept Paypal, WaytoPay or transfer to bank account. 

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